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Website optimization

We offer a full package to optimize your website. Find more about website optimization strategies.

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Website Analysis

To Improve User Experience

Laurizon analyzes your website's traffic, identifies your current website experience, and then designs improved content and flow to create a better website user experience.
A great user experience on your website creates a memorable and sharable experience. Using web analytics, Laurizon identifies your unique audience usability goals and creates a user experience through design and content.

Our Strategy

1st step: Assess Stakeholders' Objectives and Create Relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
The first step in creating a memorable user experience, is determining both overall corporate goal for ux and each stakeholders' goals. In our experience, the Marketing department and the Sales department may have different objectives through the usability process.

2nd step: KPIs Analysis
After a few months of collecting data and KPIs, we will analyze them and identify trends within the data. At this stage, Laurizon will work with you to suggest changes in the content to improve the website user experience.

3rd step: Test, Control, Improve, Test, Control and so on…
Using web analytics, we'll test different possible versions of modifications to set up the right call to action and content to offer the best website user experience results. Optimizing your website is an ongoing process of reviewing the web analytic results and making modifications to improve the user experience for your target audience.

Who is it for?

If you are looking to improve conversions and create a memorable user experience on your website, web analysis can help identify areas for improvement.