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About Social Media

Another way to reach your audience and build relationship is with Social Media.

Did you know

The first email

The first email program was written in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson. Only 4 years later, Queen Elizabeth II sent an email.

Meaning of the sign @

The sign "@" or "at" was used by Ray Tomlinson in 1972 to mean in the following sentence: someone's name working @ this company's

Email: Most common online activity

Email is the most common online activity from home in 2009 and has been that way for a long time. Do you email more than you use the phone or text message?

Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Sending out emails to your audience is a great way to improve your sales and generate repeat business. By planning multi-touch email marketing strategy campaigns, you create a long term relationship with your audience. Through effective email marketing strategies, you can also educate prospects and stay in touch through regular updates about your products and services.

We help you build your email marketing strategy to build trust with your prospects through the following key steps:

Our Strategy

1st step: Define Your Audience And Your Objectives
Each email campaign you will send out can target a specific audience segments. Laurizon will help you segment your target audience and develop target and relevant objectives for your messages.

2nd step: Build Your Message And Call-To-Action
The content of each email marketing campaign is created based on a specific call-to-action from a specific landing page. By selecting a link directed to a specific call-to-action, your target audience will be directed to a custom page answering the Call-to-action. A custom landing page is more effective than a page from the website.

3rd step: Test, Measure and Analyze
We will test different content, calls-to-action and landing pages to measure the results and analyze the email marketing campaign results. We can then use the most effective campaign and repeat the process to generate specific business results.

Who is it for?

If you want to reach your audience to educate them, build a relationship or promote your products and services, email marketing can offer several advantages.