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The World Internet Usage

There were 2.1 Billion Internet users Worldwide in 2011, 555 millions websites, 2.4 social networking accounts, 1.2 million active mobile broadband subscriptions, 1 trillion video playbacks on YouTube...

Corporate Graphic Design

For Print

Consistency of your brand identity is important across the different media channels used for your company's exposure, online and offline.
For Vancouver businesses, we offer corporate graphic design to build your professional brand that represents your service offerings.

Graphic Design Services:

Business Cards
Professionally, your business card is your simple way to share your brand when you network and connect with potential clients. We create memorable business cards that make you stand out from the competition.

Brochures can share your product and service offerings in a powerful way. With a well designed corporate brochure, boost credibility and get the attention of your targeted prospects and leads.

Promotional Material
Laurizon will work closely with you to develop other promotional material to be consistent with other branded marketing pieces.

Who is it for?

Every company needs marketing materials to promote and build new sales. A corporate graphic design package gives you a professional brand that best represents your business.

We are based in Vancouver BC Canada and offer our services in this area.