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The first website: 20 years ago

The first website dates from 1992 (20 years ago!), by the physicist Tim Berners-Lee, and is still online:

Your Corporate Identity

Reach Your Company's Objectives

Your Corporate Identity is the "persona" of your company; it represents your company's personality and brand in the mind of your targeted audience.

Our Online and Offline Design Services

Logo Design
Your logo represents your company in order to promote your products or services. It is the foundation of your corporate brand initiatives.
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Web Design
The design of your website will also reflect your identity and expose your products and services on the internet.
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Print Graphic Design
In addition to web design, we offer graphic design for your corporate identity. You might also need a business card or other print to market your company when you meet potential clients at networking events or other opportunities other than on the net.
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Nowadays, we all have to have a strong identity and be trustworthy. Authentique photos of your team and your products will differenciate you from your competition.
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Who is it for?

The design and development of your corporate identity is an essential element of how you represent your company to your customers and leads. Laurizon creates and designs corporate identities for businesses looking for creative and powerful logo development and graphic design.