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1st Visual Communication

The first visual communication is estimated to be over 17,000 years old, from the famous Lascaux Caves in South-East of France.


From Our Clients

Rhonda Burton

Laure Sabini did an amazing job using all aspects we described to create a webpage that was not only reflective of us and our work but that made us feel comfortable to use. I update the webpage weekly with the personal page that she has created for us, which is simple to use and efficient.

Laure has always been available for us as well. I could send her an email and she would have an answer or a solution to my problem right away. Her personal attention and client care was exceptional. We have a great working relationship and trust and I know that she is always there for feedback and support to help us reach the next level. Not only did Laure design our webpage above and beyond expectations, she taught me how to better reach our customers through the web.

Wendy Tsao

Laure Sabini helped me revamp the website for Child's Own Studio in 2010. I was looking for something very simple and clean, and Laure was able to put it together for me within a few days. She came up with many great suggestions, such as photographing elements in my studio to incorporate in the new web design. She was very easy to work with, personable and yet professional. She always answered my e-mails promptly and made changes within seconds. Laure's sensitivity to my needs was evident in her ability to grasp quickly what I meant; she would provide the layout as I described as well as at least two other proposals. Although she had wanted to add more details and elaborations, I was pretty firm about keeping the website simple.

Even after the website was complete, I was impressed by her continued support. She contacted me when she found that my website wasn't online (I was in the middle of transferring my domain) and offered to help.

In the end, I was very pleased with how the website turned out and how Laure was there for me in all aspects of the project. I have recommended her to my colleagues and I would work with her again.

Lynn Stapleford

Laure was great at following through with all my requests for the website and all requirements were met. She is friendly and accommodating to work with. She was dedicated to finishing each part of the project in a timely manner. The CMS she built is easy and quick to use.

Lisa Paulson

Guava Jelly is a small cottage business that has big plans for the future, and I am lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting Laure Sabini. Approachable with a friendly demeanor, she soon put all my apprehensions to rest. Laure is an excellent communicator and has a good command of the English language, which allows her to ask the right questions and to apply the correct information to the re-structuring of the website, in order to be a viable webpage.

She is easily available and open to discuss ideas and apply them as needed. Patient and considerate with my lack of computer skills, she is able to explain things, so that I am not only informed, but learning as well.

Guava Jelly is very lucky to have Laure watching out for its continued development and success; and I am lucky to be able to call her my friend.