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4 years to reach 50 million users

Internet had needed 4 years to reach an audience of 50 million people, while it took 13 years to TV and 30 years to radio to reach the same audience.

Our Successful Portfolio

Local Small and Medium Businesses

Land & Water – Catering and Bistro in Coquitlam
Land & Water's website is Laurizon's most recent project. We designed the logo, the website and optimized it with the basics of SEO. It already has traffic coming from search engines for very generic keyword phrases.
Land & Water's website

Green Bean Baby – Organic Cotton Clothes for Babies
Optimized in April 2011, Green Bean Baby's website has since then doubled their number of visitors. The website is now on the first page of the main Search Engines for the keywords "organic cotton clothes baby" and "cotton clothes baby".
Green Bean Baby's website

Child's Own Studio – Custom Stuffed Toys from Kids' Drawings
Child's Own's website was optimized for search engines in May 2011. Along with organic SEO improvements, we also created a blog to share stories about their products and showcase their stuffed toys.
With an organic SEO and content strategy in place, they have had unprecedented growth. Picked up on Reddit, the website had so many visitors they had to upgrade their bandwidth to 50 times their original bandwith in order to cope with demand.
In fact, Child's Own has been so overwhelmed, they currently have removed their site, until they find a new solution to match demand.
Child's Own Studio's new web-blog