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The Beginning of the Internet

In fact, Internet exists since the beginning of the 60's. It was at first used by teachers at Universities and specialists in the American Armee. But the Internet as we know it nowadays really started in 1993 thanks to the World Wide Web.

Corporate Identity and Marketing Packages

Affordable Prices

With the right identity and corporate brand, your company will can enjoy improve your business results – across all aspects of your business. We are here to help you define your corporate identity; offer strategies for you to connect with your audience and implement graphic and web design that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Whether it's a full web development or a review of your current site, we can improve the consistency of your brand messages and help you connect with your targeted audience. We help you build better connections and more sales with your targeted audience.

Our "Optimized Website"* package includes web design, web development and the optimization of your personalized website:
- Web design,
- Web development (in Wordpress or other CMS),
- SEO with analysis of most relevant keywords, your competition and implementation of keywords, backlinks and main social media pages (up to 5 pages),
- Implementation of Google Analytics code for future analysis.

Starting price for this package: Only NOW Starting at $1500 for up to 10 pages, instead of $3000.

Starting price for Website Optimization: From $500 for up to 6 pages, instead of $800.

Starting price for Ecommerce Website: From $3600, instead of $6000.

All other services are at additional cost and will be reviewed with you for a more customized package.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build your unique and optimized website.

* Connect with us for more details on our packages.