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1st Visual Communication

The first visual communication is estimated to be over 17,000 years old, from the famous Lascaux Caves in South-East of France.



Passionate and experienced, the Laurizon team and partners are with you every step of the way through your project, addressing your questions and completing your project on time and on budget.

We love what we do and we'll keep you informed through the entire design and implementation process. Our creative design services are tailored to your specific needs … we work to make sure you are delighted with the end result.

And we speak French!

Laure Sabini

Laure Sabini – Creator, SEO, UX and Web Analyst

Laure Sabini has always loved design and numbers. It's a natural choice for her to blend these following interests: the internet, design, photography, numbers and statistics. She's passionate and uncovers new opportunities to improve your website results.

Laure on LinkedIn and @Laurizon on Twitter

Vanessa Legand

Vanessa Legand at Make Happy Design – Web, Graphic Designer and Developer

Vanessa Legand has a natural talent when it comes to design. Originally a print graphic designer, her recent focus has shifted to designing for the Web. She loves playing around with colors, shapes and layout. She enjoys uncovering and developing creative concepts.

Vanessa on LinkedIn

Melissa Breker

Melissa Breker at Fresh Spark Strategies – Content Strategist

Melissa Breker is a content strategy and development specialist with over ten years experience. Through Fresh Spark Strategies, she assists clients to develop concise, clear and relevant content for both business and audience requirements. She is inspired to connect powerful words with the right audience.

Melissa B. on LinkedIn

Teni Kim Cochard

Teni Cochard – Photographer

Teni Cochard is our talented photographer who loves taking pictures of anything especially with people in it. She loves playing with light and composition. She sees the whole World through her camera, which she brings along wherever she goes.

Teni on LinkedIn

Melissa Evans

Melissa Evans at Phasenleben – Social Media Marketer

Melissa Evans is all about social: online and offline. She loves tweeting and socializing to obtain results for your company. She's the master of getting leads through social media and constantly engaging with your present and targeted clients.

Melissa E. on LinkedIn and @phasenleben on Twitter